Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Clean, deodorise and sanitise carpet in office and commercial buildings using superheated dry steam. Meets and surpasses the AS/3733 standards set for cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpet. Chemical free

Carpets of all types (wool, nylon, carpet tiles, Flotex) are deep fibre dry Vapour cleaned, sanitized and deodorized and are dry enough to walk on almost immediately. The look of the carpet is also improved by raising the nap and removing stains.


  • Concentrated dry steam kills bacteria and dust mites
  • High heated steam neutralize all allergens
  • Power of steam to clean not damaging chemicals
  • Dry steam and heat to sanitize and disinfect
  • Steam, heat, brush to remove soiling, grease and stains
  • Dry immediately without any moisture
  • NO over-wetting, NO dampness smell, NO chemical residue


Cleaning carpets in a commercial environment can be tedious tiresome work, not to mention an OH&S issue if the incorrect machine is used. Also many cleaners use chemicals, which is often a less effective method if the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers to attract dirt and some carpet cleaners over wet, not agitate commercial carpet ignoring felt underlay and fiber of carpet flooring. When this occurs stains often reappear within weeks of cleaning, leaving the carpet dirty again, carpet may develop mold and unpleasant dampness odor. Our Vapor Cleaner / Floor Scrubber / Washer/ Dryer/ Extractor have outstanding abilities to clean and sanitize the carpets and leave them very dry and doing so without leaving any sticky residue.

We offer carpet cleaning (dry Vapour steam method) for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. The latest technology Steam Cleaner / Scrubber / Washer / Dryer will maintain high pressure dry steam which gets in deep to the fibers of carpet to clean, sanitize and dry by removing grime particles, bacteria, dust mite and mold spores. Power of dry steam, high heat, and rotary brush, dryer will make your carpet hygienically clean and disinfected, this amazing advantage sets this cleaning method apart from the traditional ways of cleaning carpets.

How to Clean Flotex Carpets Commonly used in the commercial sector

Vacuuming – With Flotex carpets a normal vacuum cleaner is not able to penetrate the dense carpet fibres with suction alone or generate any airflow through the solid backing. For regular cleaning a vacuum cleaner with a motorised brush head, is recommended for basic everyday cleaning. This is because the bristles on the vacuum cleaner’s motorised brush agitate and lift dust from the carpet fibre and then it’s vacuumed from the surface. A normal vacuum cleaner will not operate effectively due to the Flotex carpet nylon backing and fibre density.
Cleaning – The nylon fibres in Flotex flooring should not allow stains to penetrate meaning that most soiling can be shifted with plain water and agitation.

How to Restore Flotex Carpets

With the rubber backing Flotex carpets are completely waterproof and dense nylon fibres make it almost stain proof. This means that heavily soiled Flotex carpets can be scrubbed like a hard floor. In fact the method recommended by Flotex is ‘Flood & Scrub’ with water alone

Avoid Chemicals

Left over detergent residue is the biggest cause of dull or dirty looking Flotex carpets? This is because detergent dries sticky and actually attracts dust which causes stains. To see if there is residue left in your Flotex carpet do a ‘Suds Test’ by pouring a glass of water on a soiled area and scrub with a brush. If suds appear you will need to remove suds by either flushing with water or by using the Flotex Fix It suds neutraliser. Flotex Carpets are impervious backed textile floor coverings that are popular in Australian commercial facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, shops and schools, one of the only negatives associated with Flotex is cleaning as the incorrect equipment is often used.

How to Clean Regupol

Regupol is a rubber flooring that is popular in many industries for comfort, safety, acoustics and appearance. However, the profiled rubber surface is not mop friendly as the mop head can catch on the rubber and dirty water fills the pores. A better way to clean Regupol is with a scrubbing machine, preferably a cylindrical brush machine that has a lifting action that can penetrate into the Regupol profiled floor surface.


There is no disruption and no mess to your home or business during the cleaning and guarantees that all surfaces will be restored and cleaned to the highest standard available in the industry and can be arranged after working hours. By using the very latest in tiles grouts cleaning technology we are able to extract years of grease, dirt, grime, bacteria, mould, and contaminants from deep within the pores of your tile and grout. Steam Vapour tiles grouts cleaning is also ideal and recommended hygienically method for cleaning surfaces and equipment’s of commercial properties and business. Such as restaurants, take away food shops, bakery, medical Centre, GYM court, surgery, school, kindergarten and etc.

You can trust that only power of Vapour, will be safely and effectively clean, sanitize and restore your tile and grout surfaces back to their original beauty.

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