Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

Why Treat Your House?

Residential Pest Control can make pests harder to manage or eradicate the longer you wait as a result the control process takes more time. Contact Tahmoor Pest Control today and you will have taken the first step towards effective residential pest control.

What`s Involved?

Tahmoor Pest Control takes pride in providing a professional, friendly and efficient service. We offer advice and implement a treatment plan for the control of all insects and all common pests. When carrying out treatments we are also aware of minimising the impact on our environment as a result environmentally sensitive areas and environmental areas are not impacted. We focus on providing safe pest eradication techniques, perfectly suited for people who care about their families and loved ones.

Our Promise to You

⦁ Our staff are all licensed
⦁ All treatments are effective – Warranties provided all work Guaranteed
⦁ All treatments are safe for both your family and pets
⦁ Treatments are cost effective
⦁ Technicians are professional in proving service and advice
⦁ Pest Control services is fully insured for your peace of mind
⦁ Treatment methods applied in an environmentally safe manner

Is it Safe?

Many of us are very fussy about the choices they make when it comes to health and their environment. This is no different when it comes to selecting a pest control company to service your home. Our technicians are constantly involved in ongoing education and training using the most up to date products and technologies.

Our Services Protect your Home