Pest Insect Pressure Cleaning

 Pest Control Insect Pressure House Wash

As part of your pest control insect pressure house wash, we target the outsides of your gutters, soffits and your walls. We also wash down the outsides of your windows as we go removing spiders and cobwebs and any visual signs of other pest activity including  , wasp nests,  insect eggs and insect larvae that have been laid or attached to your house walls, eaves or other surfaces.

The wash removes many of those food sources or associations that pests seem to prefer as a harbourage, removing those competing conditions. At times many pest controllers will spray over dirty surfaces only to have the chemical absorbed into the dirt and/or grime making it somewhat ineffective for the target pests.

I have found that where I pressure wash the exterior of a building together with my normal general pest control services, reinfestation has been minimal, webbing spiders, ants, cockroaches where differences are significant, properties that i have treated every year for many years have had major improvements with the introduction of a high pressure house wash

Pest control treatments are more effective when combined with external house wash.

Same day service combined with pest control services

Our Pest Control Process

  • Step 1 Inspection
  • Step 2 Initial Treatment
  • Step 3 External Pest Control Wash
  • Step 4 Final Treatment & Dusting
Pest Control Services

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