Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Management

Why Treat Your Premises?

Tahmoor Pest Control specialises in Commercial Pest Control. By educating all types of companies on their pest management problems our licensed pest control technicians will give you the right advice every time. Tahmoor Pest Control understands that pest infestations can lead to food contamination, product wastage and costly repair bills – not to mention large fines imposed by some health departments and damage to reputation.

What`s Involved?

Tahmoor pest control takes pride in providing a professional, friendly and efficient service and we offer advice and implement a treatment plan for the control of all insects and all common pests.

Our Promise to You

Tahmoor Pest Control will work with you to:

⦁ Inspect and identify the source of pest infestations
⦁ Provide treatment options that are cost-effective
⦁ Implement the treatment program
⦁ Provide a pest management plan
⦁ Deliver effective safe services on time, every time
⦁ Conduct treatments in a discrete manner

Is it Safe?

Many of us are very fussy about the choices they make when it comes to health and their environment. This is no different when it comes to selecting a pest control company to service your business. Our technicians are constantly involved in ongoing education and training using the most up to date products and technologies. We can ensure that you will:
⦁ Maintain the integrity of your food products
⦁ Achieve the standards necessary to meet health regulations
⦁ Maintain a good reputation!

Our Services Protect your Business