Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Clean, deodorise and sanitise carpet in office and commercial buildings using superheated dry steam. Meets and surpasses the AS/3733 standards set for cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpet. Chemical free

Carpets of all types (wool, nylon, carpet tiles, Flotex) are deep fibre dry Vapour cleaned, sanitized and deodorized and are dry enough to walk on almost immediately. The look of the carpet is also improved by raising the nap and removing stains


  • Concentrated dry steam kills bacteria and dust mites
  • High heated steam neutralize all allergens
  • Power of steam to clean not damaging chemicals
  • Dry steam and heat to sanitize and disinfect
  • Steam, heat, brush to remove soiling, grease and stains
  • Dry immediately without any moisture

NO over-wetting, NO dampness smell, NO chemical residue

We offer carpet cleaning (dry Vapour steam method) for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. The latest technology Steam Cleaner / Scrubber / Washer / Dryer will maintain high pressure dry steam which gets in deep to the fibers of carpet to clean, sanitize and dry by removing grime particles, bacteria, dust mite and mold spores. Power of dry steam, high heat, and rotary brush, dryer will make your carpet hygienically clean and disinfected, this amazing advantage sets this cleaning method apart from the traditional ways of cleaning carpets.

The high pressure steam (vapor) has been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and dust mites. It will also neutralize other allergens. The steam cleaning machines does not use heavy duty chemicals in its operation. This is environmentally friendly method to clean your home or business and is safer for your family since a lot of chemicals used for cleaning the household tend to trigger allergies. It uses the power of steam and rotary brush technology to clean so you don’t have to worry about the potentially damaging affects you could have with harmful chemicals to your family, home or environment.