Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

Mattress Vapour Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing

Our mattress dry Vapour steam cleaning machine use +145ºC to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam under pressure to effectively clean, sanitize and remove stains from your mattress, thermally emulsify soiling, decontaminate bacteria and penetrate into the mattress to deodorize and break down odours, simultaneously extracts grime using a vacuum.

We use chemical free, the most thorough steam cleaning system. The Vapour Steam cleaning is very effective to remove mould, stain, odour, bodily fluids, dead skin, dirt, fungal growth, dust mites and their eggs and excrement. Our steam cleaning method doesn’t include chemicals and anti-allergen which leave a sticky residue. Although we do not provide this service machine hire available upon request

Mattresses Vapour cleaning dries immediately and don’t cause shrinkage and over wetting. It cleans right down to the fibre and corners of your mattress removing harmful bacteria and leaving your mattress hygienically clean and healthy.

Machine hire available upon request

Dry Vapour steam is ideal for cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing, break down odours, and thermal disinfection of mattress all kind textiles.